1 in 3 Americans Have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Stop Waiting To Reverse Yours!

Isn't that a crazy statistic? Think about being at work or out for dinner and you look around and see that 1 out of every 3 around you has Diabetes Type 2 or is Pre-Diabetic and chances are within 5 years the people that are pre-diabetic now will have full blown Diabetes Type 2. AND the stat continues to grow every single year. It has to stop AND it can! Diabetes Type 2 and Pre-Diabetes are Completely Reversible. Read that again. Diabetes Type 2 and Pre-Diabetes are Completely Reversible. We have been doing it at The Health Revolution Clinic for over 20 years now. Our protocols are easy to follow, highly successful and are based on objective testing NOT guess work. Can you imagine being able to get off of your Type 2 Medication or your Pre-Diabetes Medication. I'm telling you that you can and we have the answer to do that at The Health Revolution Clinic. Listen to the video to hear a little bit about our protocol from our founder and director of our virtual clinic, Dr. J and then schedule a no charge call to see if our protocol will work for you like it has for thousands of others all over the world. Kick Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes to the Curb with the affordable, and highly successful Health Revolution Diabetes Protocol. A custom road map for you to kick your diabetes to the Curb. Watch the video to understand our protocol more. We can't wait to hear about your situation and see if we can help. Thanks for Checking us out!

The Health Revolutions' Diabetes Protocol simply works and the proof is in the thousands of patients that have been helped all over the world over the past 20+ years. We would love to hear your individual health journey and see if we can help. Our calls are simply Q and A's and a chance for us to ask each other questions to see if our protocol is a good fit for you. Absolutely no sales pitch. We want patients who want to get rid of their Diabetes Type 2 or Pre- Diabetes. If you are ready to see your health and your life see an incredible change then schedule your call and sign up for our newsletter today! You'll be so happy you did. We can't thank you enough for checking us out and we look forward to getting to know you and your health story soon. Have a Great day and we will talk to you soon. Click the green button and take the first step to the health and life you deserve! If you have any questions what so ever please feel free to reach out to us at drj@thehealthrevolutonclinic.com.

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Dr. J is a certified functional medicine practitioner, as well as a certified sports medicine physician, which has allowed him to be a team doctor for Team USA for 5 years. He graduated from the prestigious Palmer College in 1998 where he received the prestiges Clinical Excellence Award for the top doctor in patient care. Since then he has been in private practice in Iowa and Illinois with multiple practices. Dr. J has treated thousands of patients over his 25+ year career.

His specialty in his clinic was seeing patients that could not find answers anywhere else. He now has a virtual practice where he helps patients from all across the country!

He's consulted with thousands of patients over the past 25+ years of practice and has a passion for helping sick people = get well. His passions include patients that have tried about everything and have had no success. i

Dr. J has two auto immune diseases himself so he can personally relate to those that suffer from chronic disease.

He resides with his wife Ann & their twins, Grace and Christian and their furry child, Teddy the service dog!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

What Happens on the Discovery Call?

Very simple. Dr. J will ask you some questions, do a thorough health history, and determine if you're a case he can accept. If he thinks he can help he'll give you that option. If he doesn't think he can help, he'll work to find somebody who can.

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Are Your Programs Safe?

ABSOLUTELY! Our protocols are extremely safe and there is nothing like it. There are very few doctors that will do objective functional testing and work towards finding the ROOT CAUSE of the health challenge. Most simply give a med / chemical cover up.

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Does Insurance Pay for Functional Medicine?

Unfortunately no insurance company pays for weight loss. However, if you're MOTIVATED we'll work with you. Our protocols are very affordable and keep in mind that we've never turned anybody away because of finances.

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Where is Your Clinic Located?

We are 100% virtual. The beautiful thing about functional medicine and our functional approach is that it can be done from ANYWHERE! After our initial discovery call (to determine if our protocol makes sense for you) well provide you with test kits so TOGETHER we can customize a safe, natural, & highly effective protocol based on YOUR individual needs.

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Will I have to Swallow A Bunch of Pills?

We will provide recommendations based on where you're nutrient deficient / depleted. Again, this is based on the testing that is performed. We'll give you supplement recommendations as well as give you food recommendations to eat more of that are abundant in the nutrients That you are depleted in. 

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Do You Provide Support and Accountability?

YES! Even though our functional protocols are done virtually, we provide 24/7 email support. If you have a question / obstacle to work through we'll provide you the support & guidance you need.

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